Month: March 2020

Livtech – UCaaS, CCaaS & SD-WAN Evaluation process

Searching for the right technology solution isn't easy. Livtech simplifies it, so you get the best solution to fulfill your specific needs when it comes to putting your phones or contact center in the cloud or migrating to an SD-WAN technology.

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Keep your incumbent honest

As a technology veteran, I match up the best technology solutions for Enterprises of all sizes, showing a positive ROI.

At Livtech, we leverage our vast network of 50+ technology providers to match up the best, most reliable and cost effective technology solutions for Enterprises of all sizes.

While we focus on emerging technologies like UCaaS, CCaaS and SD-WAN, we do quite a bit of work in the traditional telecom space enabling Enterprises with Voice, Data and Cloud solutions.

It won’t cost you anything for us to provide you a quote so you can keep your incumbent honest!

Let me know if you want to have a quick call to discuss how we can help.