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5 Things to consider when moving to VOIP

UCaaS is disrupting and transforming UC. According to Gartner, by 2021, 90% of IT leaders will not purchase new premises-based UC infrastructure — up from 50% today — because future cloud UC offerings will be far ahead in terms of features, functions, portals, analytics and dashboards.

Staggering numbers. We’re helping companies transform and having conversations about UCaaS almost everyday. CIO’s tell us all the time that they don’t want to be in the phone business anymore. They want to spend time innovating so their company can stay a step ahead of their competition.

It’s very exciting, but are you ready to transform to UCaaS? Here are 5 things to consider before making the move:

  1. Will your company culture embrace the change to UCaaS?
  2. Does your ROI support the project – do you need help developing your ROI?
  3. Is your voice inventory current or do you need help auditing the inventory?
  4. Have you thought about a deployment strategy?
  5. Have you considered the network infrastructure to support the project, such as leveraging technologies like SD-WAN?

UCaaS is not only transformational for technology but it’s also transformational for a company’s culture. If you can answer these questions easily, then you’re ready for UCaaS.

If not, let’s talk through your strategy. It will be worth it – the efficiencies and cost savings can be extraordinary.