The Network is EVERYTHING

When I made the move from Telecom to Cisco in 2012, I would hear from CIO’s constantly, how the network was everything to them.  This is because all their critical applications and communications run over it and their business would be paralyzed if it went down.

Let’s take a step back and look at Digital Transformation because that’s driving how the WAN is continuing to evolve dramatically.

Digital transformation means a lot of things to a lot of people.  But the desired outcome is always the same – providing value to clients.

And going digital helps achieve that goal.  It removes constrains and creates new possibilities.

  • Do you want all of your people to be available and productive no matter where they are? UcaaS makes that possible
  • Do you want to get closer to your clients and reach them where they are, the moment they want information?  Or do you want to be there at the moment your client wants to reach you?  Social Media lets you
  • Want to better understand your clients’ needs and behaviors so you can make better biz decisions?  That’s what Big Data does
  • Who doesn’t want a more efficient Supply Chain, ERP and infrastructure?  That’s where automation comes in

Everything has to be done in a secure environment and all these applications need to ride on a reliable network.

That’s where Carriers and Cloud Companies come in.

They provide everything from UcaaS & Voice to SD-WAN & MPLS to Cloud & Hybrid IT.

When I entered telecom in the mid 90’s, it was about Layer 1 & Layer 2.

Today, all network elements run on every layer.

Use technology to your advantage by focusing on what’s meaningful to thrive – innovating, automating and making money.

And… it has to be done on a reliable network.

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