5 Reasons why companies need to go digital

Deliveries by drones. Self-driving cars. Technology is advancing faster than we ever could have imagined. We have entered a truly “smart” age that’s filled with smarter communications, smarter homes, and ever smarter lives. In order to keep up with the fast pace of technology, companies have to evolve.  And evolution is at the root of …

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Level 3 Camping Commercial

When I joined Level 3 in 1998, this commercial came out shortly after. Many people feel, including myself, that this is one of the most innovative commercials in the history of the dot com era that no-one knew about. When you think about, the internet was recently born as was Level 3 and everyone was beginning to get a feeling of the potential of the innovation that was about to take place. This commercial is still way ahead of it's time and I challenge you to play it for someone who's never seen it and ask them when they think it was created.

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CenturyLink Managed Solutions for SAP and SAP HANA

CenturyLink delivers comprehensive consulting, managed services and hybrid cloud hosting solutions specifically designed to optimize the governance of customer SAP ecosystems -- including SAP HANA platform, SAP Business Suite, Hybris Commerce and Data Analytics applications and technologies.

Our secure SAP-certified infrastructure and expert consulting, managed services and secure network connectivity enable rapid and reliable access to business-critical SAP applications and data analytics.

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