More Chief Executives Look to Digital for Growth: Gartner

According to John Chambers, former Cisco CEO, “Companies that don’t go digital in the next decade will not exist in a meaningful way in the next decade.”

Many companies of all sizes are getting wise to this and as a result are shifting their views on digital tools.  They finally see the correlation of going digital and how it ultimately provides value to their clients.

According to the WSJ, “As digital tools and capabilities sweep through industries, chief information officers and other senior IT managers are finding a new and eager partner in business technology – chief executive officers.”

Gartner Inc. researcher Mark Raskino says, “a growing number of CEOs are shifting their views on digital-enabled tools, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence or machine learning.”

Check out this blog post from WSJ.  Really fascinating to see the necessary shift in C-Level’s views on going digital.

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