Livtech – UCaaS, CCaaS & SD-WAN Evaluation process

Searching for the right technology solution isn’t easy. Livtech simplifies it, so you get the best solution to fulfill your specific needs when it comes to putting your phones or contact center in the cloud or migrating to SD-WAN technology.

Livtech is a VAR focused on Cloud and Telecom services.  We partner with and resell all major providers in the space.

As a value add to our clients, Livtech will profile and evaluate providers for each technology pillar through our evaluation methodology.

This evaluation methodology is custom to your requirements and is determined through our dynamic discovery process.

Through our Dynamic Discovery, we work with you to undercover requirements, use cases, etc and then match them up with our providers to fulfill those needs.

it’s a combination of Profiling, Score Carding and Custom ROI. In this support model, our clients truly view us as an extension of their team, running the project, doing the work, and compiling the data. It takes the load and burden off of you and your team.

The value we add is leveraging our Service Provider relationships to provide white glove service to our clients.

Our deep understanding of the technology landscape enables us to present the best solutions to solve critical problems.


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