I sell lanes on the Information Super Highway

When I was at TW Telecom in 1997, a good friend of mine and I would always talk about how we can make what we do sound cool.  So she came up with “selling lanes on the information super highway” and it always stuck with me.

Information Super Highway” seems like such an archaic term describing the internet and communications systems.  But when you think about it, it’s a perfect description.  The internet is one big highway but many companies want to build their own to be safer, among other things.

The highway metaphor is perfect – highways help you get to your destination.

You are sending voice, data and videos on the information super highway every minute of every day and you need a lane to get on it.

Who wants potholes or bad drivers on their highway?

CenturyLink’s reliable lanes consist of SD-WAN, MPLS, Private Lines, DIA and Wavelengths.

We’ll get you there quickly and with no potholes.

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