7 ways Technology Partners connect the dots to your digital transformation strategy

How do Technology Partners match the right solution for you?

Here are 7 ways to connect the dots to your digital strategy:

  1. What are you trying to accomplish and why? Before talking about any solution, we have to understand the business goals that’s driving this. Then we can wrap technology around it if the outcome is warranted.
  2. When do you need to meet that goal? Understanding how much time is allocated for this is critical to the overall strategy.
  3. What does a successful outcome look like? Always need to map out what success looks like and then drive towards that.
  4. We then align your business goals with our partners in Cloud, Security, Salesforce, Connectivity and Voice.
  5. Do you have a budget? If not, can we justify getting monies but showing a positive ROI?
  6. What is the ROI/TCO for this project? A lot of times, there can be huge savings that hasn’t been realized.
  7. What is the cost of doing nothing? This will help gauge the importance of this project.

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